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In order to ensure a streamlined process the week of the party, all designs must be pre-selected. All designs must be completed within 1 week of your scheduled party. 

  • Payment for your reservation is due no later than 1 week (2 weeks for special orders) prior to your event date. *Reservations for custom designs/products must be made no later than 10 days prior.  
  • Please be sure to provide any specific information needed for your design in the note section at checkout.  
  • Designs will not be cut until payment has been received. Payments not received within 7 days of the event date will result in cancellation of your reservation. 
  • The average time to complete your projects is about 2.5-3 hours. During that time you will be staining or painting your projects with a base coat, and painting your design for all wood projects.  
  • Canvas will be a guided class and ceramics is a free flowing class but with our assistance as you need it for inspiration or tips. 
  • Throughout the entire process we will be walking you through each step, helping you use proper technique, and answering any questions you have.  
  • There will be some downtime as we wait for the stain or paint to dry so please keep this in mind to relax and enjoy the time spent with friends, family, or meeting new friends. 
  1. You may bring in food/snacks. 
  2. Jankun Creative Studios will not bear liability for obvious risks and for risks that Jankun Creative Studio  cannot control. 
  3. Paints and water based stains will wash off hands but will stain clothing. Please dress appropriately. We are not responsible for damage to clothing. We do provide aprons but they do not cover everything. 
  4. Jankun Creative Studio is not responsible for personal effects while on our premises. 
  5. The fee to attend is for use of the facility, wood, canvas, ceramics, stencil, stain, paint, supplies, and for instruction only. 
  6. Jankun Creative Studio  reserves the right to publish pictures of student artists on our website, social media and/or advertisements. 
  • Please be sure you’re connected with us on @jankuncreativeworkshops Instagram for the most up-to-date happenings! 
  • All workshops have limited enrollment. Early online registration is highly encouraged as workshops tend to fill quickly & well in advance. 
  • Workshops need to be purchased individually, but we’re more than happy to create a one-click personalize link with all workshops of interest as a bundle for simple, streamlined, one-click enrollment.  Please email giving us specific workshop(s) + date(s) + name(s) and we’ll simply put together your personalized package for a simple one-click for your family or friends. 
  • Please continue to check back & stay connected. Additional art workshops, events, specialty camps, & creative happenings will be added!